Health Tips for Dining Out

Hotel restaurant table

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, or just get healthier, you know the challenges of eating out. It’s not always easy to get right when we’re at home so eating right while away from home seems like a lost cause. There are some fitness gurus who would simply say “Don’t eat out.” That’s pretty easy, right? Wrong. If you enjoy having a social life, you will eventually face the opportunity (or necessity) of eating out. Here are a few guidelines to follow so that you don’t blow all the good you’ve done for yourself!

1) Order water to drink. Soft drinks and sweetened teas pack a LOT of calories, and besides that, the mark-up on these products is ridiculous. Just avoid them. Water is going to be best for your body and your pocketbook!

2) Look for grilled or char-broiled meats and avoid anything that uses the word “crispy” as a descriptor.

3) Ask for sauces and salad dressings to be served on the side. The amount of fat and calories in sauces and dressings is really high, and there is often too much of them on the plate anyway. If they are served on the side, you still get the flavor benefit of the sauces but you can control how much of it you are eating.

4) Ask for substitutions. If you have chosen the healthiest option for an entree that you can find, but it comes with a side of french fries, ask if you can sub a side salad or some steamed vegetables. It’s usually not a big deal, but can really save you some un-needed calories!

5) Skip the appetizer. Skip the cocktails. Skip dessert. Mm hmm.

Simple enough. Follow these five tips for dining out and you’ll stay on track- or at least closer to the track than if you didn’t follow them.



Is It a Bad Thing to Want to Give Our Kids a Magical Childhood?

A Magical Childhood

Last week, a blog post went viral about why parents should stop trying to give their kids a magical childhood. 

One of my friends shared it on her Facebook wall and yesterday a speaker at a sustainability conference even recommended it, saying that parents today spend too much time “on those things like Pinterest” and “working so hard to make their children’s live magical.”

“They’re just making their own lives harder,” she scoffed, “trying to make everything perfect.”

Then she said it’s because we mothers are addicted to stress.

Yes, it turns out we secretly like stress and so the quest to make childhood fun is some deep, psychological quest to make ourselves unhappy.

Or something like that.  I had a really hard time understanding the logic in any of it.

These people seem to completely miss the point about what makes a childhood magical, and why some of us…

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